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2002 All Shore Classic XXV

All Shore Classic XXV Final: Ocean 10 - Monmouth 7 (OT)

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Offensive MVP

QB Brian Boland

Defensive MVP

LB Nick Castellano

Defensive MVP

DL Derrell Sapp

Offensive MVP

QB Chris Malleo

All Shore Classic XXV Video Clips

Click the screen captures to view:

Kevin Davis runs to daylight

Nick Castellano makes a big tackle in the backfield

Brian Boland hooks up with Steve Richmond for Ocean's lone touchdown

Joe Tenpenny with a bruising sideline hit



Monmouth head coach Vic Kubu

Ocean head coach Warren Wolf


Joe Zedalis of the Asbury Park Press introduced this year's head coaches to the teams at Great Adventure - click the pictures above to watch the videos.


Thanks to the Keith Elias Football Camp, the Outback Steakhouse (Middletown and Brick) and The Atlantic Clubevery player in the All Shore game will receive a free copy of the 2002 All-Shore Classic Highlight Videotape and a photo CD ROM set containing all of the week's photos.  

2002 All-Shore Classic Player Diaries -  All week long Ocean's Joe Serratelli and Monmouth's Chris Malleo have been checking in to give their accounts of their 2002 All-Shore Classic experiences.  Read about how their week went and what their thoughts were after the final gun had sounded on Sunday's Classic.  Simply scroll down this page to hear their stories.

Ocean's Joe Serratelli

Monmouth's Chris Malleo

"We took home the win, but more than that we were all able to take home friendship and great memories."

"It was all about putting aside the egos, and it was big-time fun playing on the same team with your rivals."


PHOTO GALLERIES (Will be online soon)

July 11th - Great Adventure

July 12th - Monmouth Practice

July 13th - Ocean Practice

July 14th - Monmouth Practice

July 14th - Ocean Practice

July 15th - Monmouth Practice

July 16th - Ocean Practice

July 16th - Monmouth at the Middletown Outback Steakhouse

July 16th - Monmouth Practice

July 17th - Monmouth Practice

July 18th - Ocean Practice

July 18th - Monmouth Practice

July 19th - Original Game Date Rained Out



Pre-game - 188 pictures

First Half - 271 pictures

Second Half - 185 pictures






First Downs






Passing yards






Return yards





























O - Richmond 14 pass from Boland (Graham kick).

M - Kennedy 1 run (Kochon kick)

O - Pennauchi 35 FG



RUSHING - M: Malleo 6-47, Lackett 13-41, Davis 14-32, Morgan 2-3, Kennedy 7-12, Addonizzio 1-3, Green 1-2, VonHarten 1-(-2);  O: Boland 7-20, Scott 4-15, Okoduwa 4-9, Cioffi 3-8, Castellano 4-7, Anzalone 4-(-4)

PASSING - M: Malleo 3-17-1 33, Kennedy 0-5-0 0, VonHarten 0-1-0 0; O: Boland 8-15-1 110, Anzalone 1-2-1 8.

RECEIVING - M: Hawkins 2-30, McClelland 1-3; O: Kopsic 2-44, Migliore 1-22, Mari 2-18, Richmond 1-14, Pirigyi 2-12, Russell 1-8.

PUNT RETURNS - M: Morgan 2-2; O: Lukowiak 1-8.

KICKOFF RETURNS - M: Lackett 1-28, Tillman 1-15; O: Lukowiak 1-21, Angelo 1-19.

INTERCEPTIONS - M: Carhart 1-20, James 1-0; O: Russell 1-0.



2002 All-Shore Classic Player Diaries


Joe Serratelli, Ocean County, LB


Monday, July 15


Today’s practice started off pretty well with a great goal line period that got everyone a little excited.  Everybody’s pretty much fired up at practice. 

Offensively we worked on a lot of things.  We started off a little shaky, but towards the end we started working out a lot of kinks. 

Defensively it was a great day.  We cleaned up on a lot of stuff, put a lot of new things in, and started to polish up on a lot of different formations.  The secondary is coming together.

Defensively we had a lot of big hits at practice – everyone just kept on contributing all day.  We have been putting in some hard work and we came together at the end of practice.  Hard work pays, and it will show Friday night. 

Tuesday, July 16


Before today’s practice we were treated to a great meal at the Outback Steakhouse (Brick).  After that we had a quick, crisp one and a half hour practice, although we were a little sluggish from all that food.  We went through a lot of the kicking game and worked on different things we might see on Friday night.  We polished up on things and worked on all aspects of the game, and overall it was a good practice.  Tomorrow will probably be an even better day because we wont have as much food in our stomach.

Wednesday, July 17


Today’s practice just started off real quick by going over a lot of offensive plays and just trying to get everything in.  It was the last live day of hitting.  Everybody was a little antsy to get to the game; we can’t wait until Friday night.  We’re tired of hitting each other every day.  We went over everything, it went real sharp, and we were right on schedule with everything.  Defensively we tried to get every coverage and package in so that we’re ready for Friday night.

Thursday, July 18


Today was a walk through, with just helmets.  It was really cool though, because before practice we all got our uniforms.  We were all pretty excited, we went out there and took a team picture, then we went inside and just changed up real quick.  We went back outside and just went over every formation, everything defensively, just walking through with helmets on, and took it real light. 

Offensively we just went over the plays were going to use Friday night and got out of there real quick.  The coaches thanked the players for the honor of coaching us and we had a pride clap at the end for them too, to thank them for coaching us.

All in all it’s been a great week, and everyone’s just looking to cap it off with a great game tomorrow night.  It should be a great game.

Sunday, July 21 - Post Game


Playing in this game has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had playing football.  Being coached by the winningest high school football coach in New Jersey football history along with some of the finer coaches throughout the Shore and in Ocean County was an honor.  Playing with guys I competed against through 4 years of high school and winning a great ball game with them was just a great time.  We took home the win, but more than that we were all able to take home friendship and great memories.

It was just a great way to cap off a career.


2002 All-Shore Classic Player Diaries


Chris Malleo, Monmouth County, QB


Monday, July 15


Today was a great day.  It was a huge step forward from the weekend.  The defense is usually beating on the offense but we had a full pads all-hitting scrimmage and it was pretty intense.  The defense was smacking people and the offensive line was coming off the ball.  Guys were fired up and offense was doing a nice job moving the ball.  We really came together and are getting our plays down.

Its pretty cool to see how everyone on the team is an all-star but no one’s out there playing for themselves.  The way everyone has come together over a span of three days is just awesome.  It just goes to show you how great football is.  Everyone came as an individual, but we are turning into a team. 

There are a lot of experienced coaches and they really know what they’re doing.  With the type of caliber players that we have and the type of coaches, it’s going to be an awesome game. 

Tuesday, July 16


We had lunch at the Outback Steakhouse (Middletown) today and that was a lot of fun.  We have an award – the Chocolate Thunder Award – which is the biggest hit award, and that went to linebacker Anthony Hubbert of Freehold.  We had a lot of fun eating and hanging out together and we’re having a blast right now.

Practice went great today.  We really started to pick up the intensity a little bit.  We threw the ball a bit more and we’re starting to complete a lot of passes.  The quarterbacks and receivers are getting their timing down which is great.  Right now we’re just sharpening our skills and getting ready. 

We’re about to peak - you can feel it.  We’re having fun, but at the same time we want to win.  We’re fired up for Ocean on Friday night.  It’s just been a great experience and I hope that the younger players that work hard will have an opportunity to play in this game someday.

Wednesday, July 17


Today we were winding down, we were in full pads and we did a little bit of hitting, and it was just a great day.  We did some offense and defense, 7 on 7, skelly, and kick return and punt return and we kind of did situational game stuff.   We had a lot of fun.  I think that’s one of the keys, is that we’re having a lot of fun throughout this whole thing, all the while working hard and being competitive. 

We got our jerseys today which was a blast.  Our jerseys are sharp – they have real nice American flag colors.  They’re really nice jerseys, something that everyone will want to hang on to and show their kids someday.

Thursday, July 18


Everyone looked sharp today.  Being at this point here we are really just getting mentally ready.  That’s our focus right now.  Everyone’s head is in it, we’re mentally sharp and we really want to win.   It’s been a great week.

It’s an honor and a privilege to play in this game.  Every football player that plays in the Shore Conference sets a goal to play in this game, and it’s been a lot of fun.  I can honestly say that I feel privileged to be here with these great guys and coaches.

Overall we just can’t wait until Friday night.  Its going to be a lot of fun and we're really looking forward to it.  We want to win and we’re fired up.

Sunday, July 21 - Post Game


The entire All Shore Classic experience was a blast, a great time, and I would tell any kid who loves football to work as hard as they can to play in that game because it’s really one of the best experiences you can have.   Unfortunately we lost the game, and I’m a guy that hates to lose, but in retrospect it was all about the relationships, the camaraderie and the team’s ability to come together as one.

In the end I think what mattered really more than winning or losing is that I can honestly say that I had a blast.  It was all about putting aside the egos, and it was big-time fun playing on the same team with your rivals.  It was just an honor to participate in this game and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.




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Copyright 1999 - Current, Toland Technologies.  All Rights Reserved.